Machine learning has come to Shopping Campaigns. This week, Google announced a new Shopping campaign type — subtype, really — that is “goal-optimized.” The campaigns will use machine learning to aim to automatically optimize ad delivery to achieve the defined conversion goal value, such as revenue or return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, the campaign type combines dynamic remarketing and standard Shopping in one campaign to deliver an ad across Google properties and the ad network.

“Our systems will evaluate all available signals and use machine learning to predict the likelihood of a search query to convert so you can make the most of your budget across networks, products, and audiences,” wrote Tom Beyer, product manager for Shopping and Roy Baharav, product manager for display remarketing, in the blog post announcement.

The automated Shopping campaigns combine Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to extend reach across Google properties and display network. Ads can display on Google Search results, Gmail and YouTube, as well as Search partners and the Google Display Network.

Goal-optimized Shopping campaigns can run across Google’s properties and ad network.

What you’ll need:

  1. Active product feed in your Google Merchant Center account that’s linked to AdWords.
  2. AdWords remarketing tag implemented.
  3. Select the “Goal-optimized” campaign subtype in the UI when setting up a new Shopping campaign.

The new Goal-optimized option for Shopping campaigns is rolling out.

Goal-optimized Shopping campaigns are rolling out globally over the new few weeks.

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