A few of the Angular team members were able to attend and present at ng-conf this year. We owe a huge thank you to the organizers for putting on such a great event.

There were a lot of amazing sessions at ng-conf, and you can watch all of them on YouTube. The only reason Angular is successful is because we have a great community that contributes to the ecosystem and shares their knowledge with the world.

Here’s a brief summary of what the Angular team shared this year.

Day 1 Keynote

In our Day 1 Keynote we reflected on the growth of our community, walked through some of the improvements coming to Angular with our upcoming v6 release, and gave a sneak peek to some of the things we are doing under the hood with Ivy.

5 must-dos to make your JS app search friendly (#7 will shock you!)

We hold https://angular.io up as an example of an Angular application that demonstrates and acts as a testing ground for many of our recommended best practices, including being search friendly without server side rendering.

In this talk we cover some of the things we’ve learned from our successes and our mistakes.

Angular CDK and Material in 2018

Angular Material and the CDK were built to make it easy to build great looking and great feeling applications more quickly. Watch as we live-code an application using some of the new components coming in v6, as well as some of the new schematics we have built to help you use Material.

Elements in v6 and Beyond

Angular Elements is one of the most asked about features coming to Angular. We break down what Angular Elements will look like in the future, and we break down how we use Angular Elements on angular.io.

Testing Best Practices for Angular Applications

Working at Google and having worked with companies and organizations of all sizes, we’ve seen the productivity and agility gains that can come from implementing testing as part of a standard workflow.

In this talk, we cover best practices such as using async/await, fakeAsync, and the HttpTestingController.

Global Thermonuclear Templates

Schematics empower library and tooling authors to move quickly and stay up to date. We live code a new schematic that is able to make changes to your project. Schematics are used under the hood for many CLI commands such as ng add, ng generate, or ng update.

Hands-on Full-Stack development with Nx and Bazel

Bazel is the build system that Google and the Angular team use to keep incremental builds under 2 seconds. We use live coding and live building to demonstrate how you can use Nx and Bazel and to show state of the art tooling that will allow you to perform fast distributed incremental builds of Angular applications and libraries.

Day 3 Keynote

The Angular team receives many questions about when and where developers should be using many of the capabilities that are present in Angular. We break down some of the most common questions to help you decide.

Angular Material’s Trees

Tree components are coming to Angular Material and the CDK in v6. We show you how to take advantage of them, and some of the trade offs between nested trees and flat trees.

Introducing RxJS6

RxJS v6 was recently released alongside a new compatibility package rxjs-compat. Learn about the changes in v6 and how to keep your application small, maintainable, and in sync with the latest best practices.

Strategies for Server Side Rendering Angular Applications

We provide an update on Angular Universal, walk through the ways Universal interacts with other projects such as Angular Elements, and cover a simple store example to break down the use of Angular Universal further.

Angular for Designers

The Angular team is looking for ways to further empower designers. We’re considering many different initiatives and approaches that could improve the collaboration between designers and developers.

We’d love more feedback about these initiatives, so please message me if you have thoughts or ideas or projects.

Angular Panel

As usual, we ended the event with a full team live Q&A with the audience. We cover topics like versioning, LTS, community involvement, and the future of Angular.

Thanks again to everyone that came and sat with us at ng-conf!

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